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What are browser apps?

Browser apps are cool little applications that contain any content from a TV player or game to an entire website. You keep them a click away on your browser and never have to surf the web for your favorite content again!

  • Get instant notifications

    You’ll get the latest news and offers right to your desktop.

  • Keep your favorite stuff close

    The content you want most is
    always at the top of your screen.

  • See updates at a glance

    "Badges" alert you to new
    content or messages.

  • Find the best content fast

    Apps put the best
    info up top. No more searching around websites.

How do I add browser apps?

  • 1 Discover thousands
    of FREE appsd

    Search for content you love or just
    browse AppStream.

  • 2 Click to add to
    your browser

    Roll over an app, click "Add," and it pops to your browser bar.

  • 3 Enjoy anytime without
    surfing the web

    Just click your app to open it, no
    matter what web page you're on.

Can I reach AppStream in a click?

Sure! All you do is click the + at the far right of your browser bar.
If you're browsing with Chrome, just visit AppStream.

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